Sunday, 30 October 2011

Who benefits?

As part of its response to this summer's riots, the government has announced that it intends to give the courts powers to cut up to £25 from the benefits of those convicted of and fined for a criminal offence.

Recently published research has shown - not very surprisingly - that most people convicted of looting in the riots are from the poorest communities across Britain, about a third of whom receive social security benefits.  Who actually believes that making poor people poorer is the way to cut crime?  David Cameron for one does.  "The system as it stands at the moment is far too soft," he claims.  

Social security benefits are set at a level the laws says people need to live on.  If nearly half is deducted by judges as fines, what does the government think people will do to survive?  But then Cameron, Clegg and Osborne don't think like us.  To them £60 is what they pay for a cheap bottle of wine, not what has to last them all week.

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  1. David cameron..i have personal reasons to despise this dangerous milksop.How can such a detatched rich fucking poor hating mummys little soldier go from being head monitor in a empty playroom to being in charge of the 'welfare' of millions??? ihave not an ounce of respect for the total lack of regard to the unemployd, old people, fathers,and the one thing in common with the 3 is all are judged as one and those who are not lazy but cant work for whatever reason are judged as one, they and the working poor are given not an inch when times are hard on the country due to a mixture of bad spending, pathetic spending,and making all his fellow rich richer by scrubbing tax.cameron is a cunt in twats clothing, i will never forget the unbelievable 'call to arms' on fathers day a few years ago that quite frankly was frightening coming from the head boy,calling the people to "stigmatize these want away fathers as we do drink drivers"??? if that is common sense '(or commons sense)'and not a little 'hatred' he spouted, then fuck all those who let cunts like cameron do these things and get away with it, untill it happens to them.i cant recall another 'pm' with as less qualities as cameron..he would be out of his depth at a self service he has nailed the rioters? all signer-onner's. throw a few thousand pensioners in there, and all the fathers who cant see their children (any chance of a idea how many have been forced into suicide?)that is the non-leader,bubble living,cameron, i would like to ask him if he has any poor friends? i would like to tell him "i know your a father, but you will never be a dad..bless the ones no longer with us, i have learnt so much of this life, and i dont want any part of it.