Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hydes seek new start in Salford

The Manchester brewery Hydes has revealed the location they are moving to in Salford. They announced their intention to leave the nineteenth century Queens Brewery in Moss Side some months ago.

According to the press release, "The new facility will house a state of the art brewery, considerably more efficient than the existing plant, and will allow Hydes to reposition its brewing business and focus exclusively on the production of high quality beers targeted at the growing cask ale sector. Not only will this include popular favourites such as Hydes Original and Manchester’s Finest but the new highly flexible brewery plant will enable the company to be more innovative and brew a much wider and more diverse range than ever before, keeping Hydes at the forefront of the cask category."

It's good news that Hydes is going to expand the number of cask beers it brews. I like their Original session bitter and golden ale Jekyll's Gold and I'm looking forward to seeing what they produce in Salford. Maybe a stout to reflect their pub signage?

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  1. I went around Hydes brewery at least 20 years ago. We were shown around by a Mr Hyde of the owning family who (I thought) delighted in going against CAMRA preconceptions. Asked about maturation, i.e. when he thought Hydes beers were at their peak, he replied, "As soon as they're in the cask." Also asked what his favourite method of dispense was, he replied, "Electric pumps into oversized glasses." Handpumps looked good, but caused waste and arguments. I have to say I have some sympathy with his second point.