Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sticking up for Stella

There's a video doing the rounds on social media and blogs of a Swedish journalist who travels to Leuven in Belgium to interview the drinkers and brewers of Stella Artois.

It's easy to poke fun at the AB InBev PR guy who talks about his "passion" for the company's "brands" but can't describe what the beer tastes like. I'm not sure what the point is though. Stella is a long way from being the world's most exciting beer but it isn't positively unpleasant. It's better I'd say than many mass-produced lagers.

I like beer. I'd rather drink cask conditioned beer in top condition but I still prefer beer to wine or cider. Given the choice between a can of Stella and a world famous claret, I'd choose the former.


  1. I didn't think that video was as revealing as its maker clearly thought it was, and as much as Pete Brown thinks it is, seeing that he drones on for ages about it. I'm not at all surprised that a top businessman isn't familiar with one of the many products his multinational mega-corporation produces.

    Give the choice of Stella and a £4 bottle of Hardy's Shiraz from Asda, I'd chose the latter. Each to his own, I suppose.

  2. I'm not averse to the odd pint of Stella or similar if there's no decent cask beer. I certainly prefer it to smooth ales, and Guinness just doesn't agree with me.