Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Job Lot

I watched The Job Lot, ITV's new comedy set in a jobcentre, last night.

I worked in social security offices rather than jobcentres in my ten years in the civil service but I've signed on in them more times than I care to remember. I wasn't expecting too much from The Job Lot but I actually found it pretty funny and quite accurate too, more so in fact than many dramas set in the civil service.  I'd defy anyone who's worked in or signed on at a jobcentre to say they didn't recognise at least one of the characters.

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  1. Basically, it's a sitcom set in a job centre, not a drama documentary about job centres, but I'm sure that won't stop some people being offended. I did know a job centre employee who ran a lucrative business from a job centre, but it wasn't as innocent as selling carpets: he was selling claimants' details to loan sharks. Sacked of course, which bizarrely became my fault!