Friday, 10 August 2012

Olympic ballroom dancing?

The sight of horses dancing to music being awarded marks for artistic impression at the Olympics yesterday reminded me of Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge pitching monkey tennis to a BBC executive.

It also got me thinking about what other events should be added to the Olympic programme.

1. Cricket: played at top level by a couple of dozen countries and watched by up to two billion people worldwide, its exclusion since the 1900 Paris Games is a scandal.

2. Darts: another sport with mass appeal overlooked by the aristocratic IOC.

3. Ballroom dancing: if gymnastics, diving and horse dressage are allowed as Olympic events, why not ballroom dancing? The success of Strictly Come Dancing shows how popular it would be.

4. Sheepdog trials: as above, One Man and his Dog demonstrates the public appeal of a dog rounding up sheep. I'd watch it.

1 comment:

  1. You missed out drinking:
    1. Fastest speed downing a yard of ale.
    2. Speed trials - most pints supped in an hour.
    3. Endurance trials - most pints supped over a 12-hour period.
    4. Mine sweeping - the most pints supped nicked from other contestants.