Saturday, 30 July 2016

Pre-boarding boozing

I'm surprised that there hasn't been more media comment at the news that the Government minister Lord Ahmad is to look at the sale of alcohol at airports, apparently with a view to restricting or even banning pre-flight pints, in response to an alleged surge in alcohol-related violence on board planes.

I might end up being wrong here, but I'd be very surprised if the review leads to a ban, not least because of the amount of money alcohol sales generate for airports. And even if a ban were to be introduced, I very much doubt that it would apply to those dining in first class lounges as opposed to us plebs slumming it in the terminal bars, just as when you go to a football match and buy a pint at a bar under the stand you can't take it to your seat, or even stand with it near an entrance in sight of the pitch, but people having a meal in executive boxes while watching the game can order alcohol to go with it.

Surely the relatively few incidents that do take place on board planes as a result of people drinking too much before boarding can be dealt with by refusing to board them in the first place rather than a sweeping ban which some, no doubt for other motives entirely, seem to want.

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  1. If you are going to get bladdered even before you get on the plane, it's a fair indication that that is what your holiday is going to be like. You might as well save the money on plane flights, meals and hotel costs and just get off your head at home because you sure as hell won't have any memories, except for those prompted by selfies and drunken Facebook posts.

    Such people have an immature and unbalanced attitude to alcohol. Their stupidity may well end up causing a ban on all drinks on planes - perhaps even breathalysers. Thus the majority would be inconvenienced by the irresponsible minority. I've nothing but contempt for such idiots.