Monday, 8 June 2015

Crafty Robinson's

I had American Pale Ale, the latest in the White Label series of beers from Stockport brewery Robinson's, for the first time yesterday.

I didn't get round to trying the first beer in the series, an IPA, but I drank the second, a stout, a few times and enjoyed it, as I did this one: it reminded me a bit of last year's seasonal South Island, with a very clean taste and floral smack of New World hops, albeit Cascade, Amarillo and Columbus from the U.S. rather than Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand.

I was thinking about the reasoning behind Robinson's White Label series. With the minimalist, faux-homemade pump-clips, they're clearly aiming for those who, unlike me, think of themselves as craft beer drinkers, probably wouldn't order a beer from the brewery's mainstream range and perhaps don't even realise that it's one of theirs.

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