Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Guinness Dublin and West Indies Porter

As it was St. Patrick's Day yesterday, I thought I'd try the bottles of Guinness Dublin and West Indies Porter I picked up the other week.

These beers from the Guinness Brewers Project have had mixed reviews, both for their taste, or lack of it, and also for being "inspired by" rather than brewed to the specifications of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century brewing logs in which they appear.

Dublin Porter struck me at 3.8% as a slightly weaker version of the ordinary, bottled Extra Stout. Maybe a few more caramel and chocolate notes but overall it has a very thin body and mouthfeel and little head.

West Indies Porter at 6% is better, with more body and head and a little more of a burnt, roasty flavour, but I'd still rather drink Guinness Foreign Extra or Special Export Stout than either of these.

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