Thursday, 12 July 2012

Farewell Franconia

On my last night in Bamberg, I went back to Brauerei Spezial and sat in the tap room.

Spezial Rauchbier doesn't quite have the smack yoru ound the chops smokiness of Schlenkerla. It's a bit more restrained and subtle with just a hint of smoked malt in the beer, but an enjoyable tang  nonetheless. I thought the Rauch Lagerbier a touch smokier than the Märzen but maybe that's because it's dispensed by gravity from a wooden barrel rather than from a bottle. Spezial also does cheap, tasty food, like the Leberkäse mit Kartoffelsalat (meatloaf and potato salad) I had. It seems like a locals' pub with tables of customers loudly playing cards.

The next morning, with the other day's rail problems in mind, I was at Bamberg station just after seven. The train from Sonneberg was of course bang on time, sailing through Hirschaid and Forchheim to Nuremberg Hauptbahnhof where the U-Bahn whisked me efficiently to the airport three hours before my flight. I was quite happy though sitting at the snack bar in the departures lounge which sells Bratwurst and bottles of Kapuziner Weißbier.

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