Friday, 1 February 2013

Salford Reds arising

Salford rugby league club kick off the new Super League season tonight with a home game against Wigan.

A month ago, it was looking more than likely not only that Salford wouldn't be playing tonight but also that they wouldn't exist as a Super League club. HM Revenue and Customs were knocking on the door with a £300,000 bill for unpaid taxes and two players were also owed £70,000 in wages.  The High Court gave the club a month to find the money or be wound up.

Thankfully, a saviour has been found in the shape of Dr Marwan Koukash, a Kuwaiti-born businessman and race horse owner with apparently deep pockets who was converted to rugby league a couple of years ago by his friend Eamonn McManus, the owner of St Helens.

Dr Koukash has spoken at press conferences about spending millions on player development as well as improving road access to the stadium. I've no idea why he's decided to spend his money on Salford, I'm just glad he has.

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