Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Beer with food

A post on Zythophile's blog about someone brewing Belgian ales that go with Japanese dishes got me thinking about beer and food pairing.

The idea of matching beer with food always reminds me of Andy Capp in the famous Geordie comic strip saying to his long-suffering wife Flo, "How many times do I have to tell you? Pale ale with fish, brown ale with meat!"  You can overdo it of course, but there are foods that go particularly well with beer. A pint of bitter and a pork pie is my own favourite, closely followed by a pint of mild and a cheese and onion bap

Graham Greene in the memoir of A Sort of Life describes the simple pleasure of stopping at an inn for bread and cheese and a glass of bitter. The supper of kidneys, toasted cheese and milk stout that Captain Mainwaring, Sergeant Wilson and Corporal Jones enjoy in Dad's Army looks pretty appetising too.


  1. I tend to feel there is a lot of pretentious nonsense written about food and beer pairing, but I can't see that it does any harm. Crusty bread, cheese, pickle and a decent pint of real ale is my favourite.

    1. Completely agree Nev, keep it simple I say.