Sunday, 19 May 2013

Greggs, or the Two Nations

If I had Sky TV, I'd probably watch the new series about Greggs, the North East-based bakery famed for its pasties and sausage rolls.

Greggs: More Than Meats the Pie deserves credit for the title alone. I'm not sure what angle it's taking though. In London, Greggs is seen as a shop only poor people go in and the well-heeled sneer at the basic sandwiches as they pay over the odds for a filled ciabatta. In the North on the other hand, Greggs is where office workers queue up for cheap, tasty snacks. Really, what could be more satisfying as a dinnertime treat than a couple of hot, greasy sausage rolls eaten out of a paper bag?


  1. Do Londoners really think like that? Sheesh!

    Greggs, or Thurstons as it used to be here in Leeds, is one of those places that succeeds because it's convenient. Especially since they're absolutely everywhere in the North. I think Greggs may be as ubiquitous in the North as Starbucks is in America.

  2. It used to be Sayers that was everywhere, but now it seems to be Greggs. If certain people want to pay £15 for a posh coffee and buttie, more fool them.

  3. Preston has 4 alone in it's town centre. I don't mind, as my sister works in one and I get discounted iced buns.

  4. No, Londoners don't think like that. Not me, certainly - I'm very fond of a steak bake ...