Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Classic Cas

My rugby league odyssey around West Yorkshire continued last Sunday with a trip to Castleford.

Castleford's home Wheldon Road is one of the last of the archetypal Northern rugby league grounds.  Built in 1926, it hasn't changed much since with standing terraces on all sides and industrial chimneys looming over one end.

Before the match, I popped in the pub opposite and as it was keg only had a pint of Guinness. It was the first time I've seen the Guinness surger system where you pour a can into a pint glass and put it on a metal plate that sends sound waves through it to create a thick head. I can't really say it improved the taste but at least it wasn't cold or fizzy. I remember the shock of the coffee-bitterness when I first drank a pint of Draught Guinness in a pub as a teenager in the late 80's. Either my taste buds are going or Guinness is toning down the bitterness. I think I know which it is.

I had about forty minutes to wait for a train at Castleford station after the match. Luckily the British Legion across the road was holding an afternoon disco and being a warm day had opened the fire exits so not only could you enjoy the sound of the 60's soul being played but also the sight of middle-aged Yorkshire folk dancing drunkenly while necking cheap keg bitter.

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