Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A pub with no beer

On Sunday afternoon, I walked to a nearby pub to watch the Manchester derby. 

The visit started badly (it would get a lot worse over the course of the next couple of hours) when the barman informed me that there was no cask beer as "the new barrel hasn't settled yet".  He offered me a pint of smoothflow bitter; I politely declined.

I then had the old conumdrum of what to drink in a keg-only pub, in this case one owned by a large cask brewery (who I won't name expect to say it's in Manchester, begins with H and isn't Holt's). The choices were the already declined Smooth, Guinness Extra Cold or Becks Vier.

In the end, I watched the nightmare unfold on the pitch with nothing to take the edge off the pain except a large glass of lemonade.

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