Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The art of cellarmanship

I'm reading Cellarmanship at the moment, a book published by CAMRA about, would you believe, cellarmanship.

I was prompted to pick a copy up after re-reading this post by Stonch from back in 2008, and the comments which followed it. The book confirms a lot of what he and the others say, that to serve a decent pint you only really need four things: properly-handled barrels of fresh beer, a dry, cool cellar, clean lines and a swift turnover.

Those things apply to both keg and cask beer but, and this is pertinent to CAMRA's current Revitalisation Project, it's only with cask beer that the higher arts of cellarmanship, including spiling casks differently according to the beer they contain, allow the expert to bring a pint to perfect condition.

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  1. I'm not sure that keg needs very much attention: if you can use a spanner and know how to adjust a gas cylinder, you're away.