Thursday, 21 April 2016

Bikers ride into town

I've just watched the latest episode of Pubs That Built Britain, a new BBC2 series in which Dave Myers and Simon King, aka the Hairy Bikers, tour the country and discuss the history of pubs.

Pubs and beer have featured quite a bit in the pair's travels around Europe and Asia and I also remember reading an interview with them a couple of years back in CAMRA's Beer magazine in which Dave reminisced about sipping a half of Cameron's in the snug of the local while doing his homework as a schoolboy in Barrow.

Last night, they went to pubs in and around Manchester, including many I know well - the Briton's Protection and Peveril of the Peak in Manchester and the King's Arms and Star Inn in Salford - and to Robinson's Brewery in Stockport which I've been round a few times on tours.

It's good that the BBC has produced a programme celebrating British beer and pubs, although I suspect they'll get more than a few complaints from the prohibitionists about it.

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