Saturday, 8 November 2014

Indulge yourself

I tried Indulgence, the new seasonal beer from Stockport brewery Robinson's, for the first time yesterday.

Robinson's describe Indulgence as a winter warmer which made me think it would be brown, malty, sweet and strong. It's not really any of those things but it's still a great beer.

It's a darkish amber colour and has got a very clean, crisp taste, mouthfeel and finish with a nice balance between the malt and hops. It reminded me a lot of the Altbier you get in Düsseldorf.

If you're anywhere near a Robinson's pub this winter, I recommend trying it.


  1. Agreed - very nice beer, although a bit darker than the picture suggests. I can see the Altbier comparison.

    No doubt some of the local hopheads will dismiss it as just another bland Robinson's beer...

  2. I'm looking forward to trying this - will seek it out over the next couple of days