Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Beery fun in the Stockport sun

I went to Stockport Beer Festival with some mates at the weekend.

As well as plenty of well-kept cask beer, Stockport Beer Festival has lots of other things going for it. Edgeley Park football ground where it's held is a short walk from both the railway station and several GBG pubs if you fancy a drink before or after the event. But the best thing is the seating area. Is there really anything to beat sitting in the Cheadle End with a pint as the sun sets over the Stockport skyline, watching aircraft on their approach to Manchester Airport? I think not.

I didn't try as many beers as this guy though. Rather than having a half of lots of different beers, I started with a couple of pints of Bollington Best and then moved on to Fullers ESB. 

1 comment:

  1. Hey there! Less of the halves! (But at fests, if you ask for halves, you nearly get 2/3 pint, so better value really!)

    Apart from the "corridor" issue, was a really good fest!