Monday, 17 September 2012

Prohibition in Prague

The Czech government has banned the sale of  alcoholic drinks over 20% after nineteen people died drinking illegally distilled vodka to which industrial chemicals had been added.

The ban seems out of proportion to me. Why not just crack down on the people selling the lethal stuff? And I also struggle to see how it will work. Will international hotels in Prague stop serving visiting businessmen whisky in their private bars? Will stag parties no longer be able to order rounds of shots in clubs? Maybe. But what of the Czechs themselves? Surely those who can will simply drive over the border into Germany, Poland, Slovakia or Austria to buy their spirits. Others presumably will start bootlegging bottles across the border. And as the ban is on the sale of spirits rather than their production, will rural policemen be in a rush to stop small village distilleries selling their hooch, especially if they are given a few free samples?

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  1. Typical knee-jerk reaction, hitting the wrong targets.