Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Northern Uproar

I'm glad to see that the band Northern Uproar has reformed and is recording a new album.

Northern Uproar formed on the Manchester indie scene in the mid-90's and were part of the same Britpop wave as Oasis. While they weren't quite as successful, they did get into the top 20 with this track.

I've got a couple of personal connections with Northern Uproar. I went to the same comprehensive in Stockport a few years before the band members.  They also used to drink in my local in the mid-90's. I remember being quite impressed just after they'd been on Top of the Pops when the lead singer bought a round with a £20 note and told the barman to keep the change - this was when Holt's bitter was less than a pound a pint.

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