Sunday, 13 November 2011

Never on Sunday

This time in a fortnight, Manchester City will be playing Liverpool at Anfield in the Premier League. Forty-eight hours later, both teams will be in London to play Arsenal and Chelsea respectively in the quarter-finals of the League Cup. The reason for this quick succession of matches? Sky Sports wants to show the Liverpool v Manchester City match originally scheduled for three o'clock on the Saturday afternoon at four o'clock on Sunday.

Politicians have finally broken free from the grip of the Murdoch empire; it's about time football did.  The clubs could play on the Saturday as planned and let the Premier League do what they want.  The League itself could have refused to move the game, offering Sky another one or just saying "sue us".  Fans could refuse to buy tickets (Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has already told their fans he'll be putting out a second-string team at Stamford Bridge on the Tuesday night so they might want to reconsider travelling away), and also think about cancelling their Sky subscriptions which give Murdoch the cash to lord it over the Premier League in the first place. I've never subscribed to Sky, both on principle and for cost reasons. If  I want to watch a match, I go to the pub.

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